From the Start...

Award-winning designer, Hayleigh Boadi, grew her love for fashion from the age of seven, gathering inspiration from her favourite TV show. Eager to build her career, she nurtured her gift through secondary school all the way to university where she earned her fashion degree and won the Collective Catwalk Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2022 with her very first collection, 'The Heirloom'. Since then, she has gone on to build her fashion empire as the founder of BOADI.


Where Worlds Collide...

Here at BOADI, our motto is 'Fashionably Fearless'. All of our pieces are art-based with a deeper meaning than meets the surface. This paints women as beautiful works of art to be admired, never objectified. Lead designer, Hayleigh Boadi, takes great inspiration from her Ghanaian heritage, encouraging the use of vibrant colours, patterns, textures and meanings to create unique silhouettes and add special features to every garment.

Our mission statement is ‘To draw beauty from the Woman, reflect
that in her dressing’. With this in mind, our aim is to use fashion as a tool to enhance the beauty of a woman, to make her feel as beautiful as she looks.

We pride ourselves on inclusivity and being proud of one's roots.


...Origin & Inspiration

‘Boadi’ was the surname given to Hayleigh Boadi's grandfather at birth in 1928 as the second son of his family – his other siblings have different surnames, this was a common practice in Ghana at the time.

This brand pays homage to the Boadi family name, to keep the culture and name alive, since no other men in the Boadi family had heirs to continue the surname.

Hayleigh Boadi considers this company an heirloom, also part of the inspiration behind her graduate collection.